The Weekly Roundup: Japan’s Web Habits, Twitter-Nots and Why AI Will Save the World


An Expert Tries to Learn Why the Japanese Use the Web So Differently from Everyone Else

The Japanese spend 40% less time using the Internet compared to the global average. They’re on social media 3 times less than everyone else. Why do online behaviors in Japan different so much from the rest of the planet?


A Sneak Peek at a Twitter Alternative Built By Meta, Based on Instagram

An app codenamed “Project 92” is being fast-tracked at Meta as their “response to Twitter.” It is designed to integrate with the social media protocols of ActivityPub⁠—possibly meaning integration with Mastodon.

Recreating “Twitter” Isn’t the Hard Part⁠—It’s Bolstering the Backend (Without a Budget)

Christopher Bouzy, CEO of Bot Sentinel, talks about his Twitter-style project, Spoutible, and the rocky journey that led him down this audacious path. The result so far: a happy place for some, a stagnant backwater for others.


Apple Buys Mira, an Augmented Reality Startup

Mira is a company that makes augmented reality (AR) headsets for theme parks. It’s also held military contracts in the past. Will Mira’s AR technology be integrated into Apple’s new Vision Pro headset?

Apple’s Vision Pro Is a High-End, Upmarket Product⁠—But Only For Now

Ars Technica ponders the message that Apple is sending with its $3,499 AR headset. The Vision Pro is gunning for the ultra-high-end lane. Only it’s not going to stay in that lane. One big question remains, however: is it too dorky?


How to Become a No-Code Startup

The no-code platform Blaze shares its entrepreneur’s guide to becoming a tech startup⁠—without writing any code.


Tech Startups Are Facing the End of Easy Money in 2023

Techcrunch’s report on the state of the industry looks at how e-commerce, SAAS, fintech and health tech startups have been doing lately.

$30 Million Raised By Food Tech Startup That Specializes in Lab-grown Pork 

Uncommon, formerly known as Higher Steaks, has secured a high stake amounting to $30 million. The biocreation startup offers molecular-based cultivation of bacon and pork belly products without using genetic modification. 


Reddit Is Going Dark; Reddit App Developers Are Shutting Down

The Verge gives a rundown of the blowback from Reddit’s announced API changes⁠—and it’s bad, bad, bad, all the way down. Apollo and other third-party Reddit apps are preparing to close shop.


Google DeepMind’s COO on How to Develop AI Safely

Lila Ibrahim, COO of Google DeepMind, explains how they are taking a safety-based approach to AI development while attempting to build a machine with human-level cognitive abilities.

What Will Working with AI Really Require from Humans?

Harvard Business Review envisions a business future where human and AI work in close partnership. What do humans bring to the table in such a scenario? And what does AI bring?


The Future of AI: Making All of Humanity Smarter

World Wide Web pioneer Marc Andreessen explains “Why AI will save the world.”

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